1.Tell me about yourself?

Tell me about yourself
What would you like me to know about you.
walk me through your background 

The beauty of this question is that it helps you to pitch yourself to an interviewer, break the ice and help direct the interview right from the start. It is most likely that you may be asked this question, so structuring it well will help you guide the interview to your comfort zone. I would suggest you work well on this one.
I follow a simple, straightforward structure to this question that allows me to cover things that I have done, and also direct the interview to things I know I will be good at answering. In any scenario, try to cover broad highlights of your life, and specifically stress on the past 1-2 years. Try to make it a story, that follows a path and flow. Human beings (i.e. interviewers) find it easier to remember stories.
The skeleton, and reasoning related to what I mention is as follows:
“I was born and brought up in _____, during my schooling I developed a keen interest in _______. (1) Due to this, I did my undergrad at ___ where I pursued a degree in ____. (2). In my curriculum, I found the areas of ____ and  ____ particularly interesting because they helped me develop a skill set in ________ (3) . Apart from my curriculum, I engaged in ________ (4). I was drawn to these because they were in line with my interests such as _____ and in hindsight I think I have developed ______ (5). I am also extremely passionate about _____ which I have been pursuing for a very long time (6). “
  1. Talks about where you come from, and why you took this particular path. You can elaborate more on this part in case you feel that you have learned a lot from experiences during your pre undergrad days.
  2. Talk about why you joined a particular college, what interested you about the department or if you just wanted to be there for some other reasons.  Gives an idea about academic background
  3. To show some interest in academics, this will help you avoid questions on other uncomfortable courses, as you signal academic interest. In case you have strong academics, stress upon this part and elaborate. Talk about skill sets like analytical rigor, structured thinking and the like.
  4. These activities are outside the curriculum. For me, it was starting up, leading a student club, and founding a student club. 
  5. Talk about why you did those activities and what you learned from them. Talk about confidence, public speaking, communication, interacting with people or anything you think that you have learnt that has added value to you
  6. Talk about your hobbies, and what drives you to be passionate about them.

If you have work experience, reduce the part that talks about your undergraduate and starts with your work experience and then talk about undergrad. Keep the most recent and important things first. This is why you should end the answer with your hobbies.

sample answer

my name is bum kailash kumar I am from  Ramgarh Cantt Jharkhand, I have passed my secondary education from Sri Guru Nanak public school ramgarh cantt and secured 63% from CBSE board and I passed my higher secondary education from Indira Gandhi sramic inter college Mandu  got 53% from JAC board and I have completed B.Tech in computer science and engineering from BBIT MAKAUT board kolkata and my hobbies are developing websites, blogging, surfing internet and Hacking.

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