10 Best Brain excersise or Training Apps

Elevate (Android, iOS) (Free, Premium Subscriptions) 

 Many people spend a great deal of time in the gym working on our bodies, but can we say the same about our minds? Just like a healthy physical form, a healthy mind also needs to flex its mental muscles and get some exercise. In fact, there are studies that show playing puzzle games can help increase mental agility. Brain training apps combine the latest in brain science with puzzles and mind games in order to exercise your faculties. Check out 10 of the best brain training apps on Android and iOS devices below.


Lumosity is one of the heavy hitters in the brain fitness department, and it has an impressive amount of tools to match its claims about sharpening your gray matter.
You can sign on each day for a series of games that train your memory and attention. First there’s an inventory exercise, which taxes your mind with a series of skills like remembering shapes and disappearing cards. Once the app knows your weaknesses it designs a training regimen to help you stop forgetting names and other cerebral shortcomings.



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