16. Describe your ideal company, location and job.

Ideal company according to me is the company which is free from base, where the employee feels free to present his opinion and the company appreciates his opinion, the friendly environment between the employer and the employees, and among all the employees motivates to give the best as well as come with new ideas. 

Ideal location – I would love to work in an environment which is healthy and friendly, and at the same time competitive because it’s a place where you are going to spend half the time because if I am happy at my workplace then I will be able to work wholeheartedly with double hard work for the company’s success which will result in my success as well. 

Ideal job -Ideal job according to me is the one where I can develop my skills as well as learn new things, where there are ample opportunities to prove my capabilities and where my hard work, sincerity, dedication is being recognized, appreciated and respected as well as rewarded. 

Ideal location means a location where ideal company & ideal job come together & make a blast of successful environmental.

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