GPT partition error for windows installation Convert GPT to MBR with Diskpart

Update:2019  Do not convert GPT partition scheme to MBR as GPT is better instead when you make bootable Pendrive select the option GPT and the installation will be done without error.

Use a bootable windows usb drive or disc chose Repair at the initial install screen, and opened the command prompt. and ran the following diskpart commands:

  • Enter system installing interface by using Win 7 disc or USB hard drive boot. and then press “Shift”+”F10” to open the command prompt.
  • Input “Diskpart” (do not input quotation mark, the following as well), and then press “Enter”to enter operating interface.
  • Input “list disk”: to check hard disk properties. Pay more attention to capacity of hard disk to select. Usually, disk 0 is hard disk, and disk 1 is the usb dirve where wins 7 install.
  • Input “select disk 0”: to select disk 0 as the disk that is operating.
  • Input “clean”: to clean up current hard disk’s partition.
  • Input “convert mbr”: to convert GPT into MBR.
  • Input “create partition primary size = xxx”: to create the size of primary partition.
  • Input “format fs = ntfs quickly”: to format disk to NTFS quickly.
  • Input “exit”: to finish operating.
  • Input “exit”: to shut down the command prompt.

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