How to check the PHP version and configuration for your website? – Knowledgebase

phpinfo.php‘ is the file which is used for checking the PHP version and configuration on cPanel server. You can create the phpinfo.php file using below steps under cPanel –

1. Login to cPanel.
2. Follow File Manager >> public_html.
3. Click on option ‘File’ ( + sing on top left corner of the page).
4. Enter the file name as phpinfo.php >> Create New File.
5. Now right click on the file phpinfo.php >> Code Edit.
6. Enter the below code in file –


7. Click on Save Changes option (top right corner of the page).

Once done then open the web-browser and enter “http://domain_name/phpinfo.php“. This will display the PHP configuration of your website.

(Make sure to replace domain_name with name name of your website)

Note –
When you will done with verification then remove or rename the ‘phpinfo’ file from cPanel.

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