How to Install μTorrent (uTorrent) on Ubuntu 18.04

How to Install μTorrent (uTorrent) on Ubuntu 18.04(Bionic beaver)

2. Once the downloading process finish, go to the Downloads folder in file browser and extract the package through its context menu.

Tip: If you want other users on the Ubuntu system to be able to use the uTorrent server, extract the package to /opt/ directory. To do so, open Archive Manager as root/admin by running sudo file-roller in terminal, then open and extract the package.
3. Navigate to the result folder and run utserver from its context menu:

That’s right you see nothing happens because the server is running as a background program.
Tip: If you don’t see the Run option in its right-click menu, do:
Go to Properties in its right-click menu, check the box where it says “Allow executing file as program” under Permissions tab.
4. Finally in your web browser go to http://localhost:8080/gui/. When it asks, type in:
username: admin
password: leave it empty.

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