How to install wine 1.7 on ubuntu 15.10

Can’t install wine1.7 on Ubuntu 15.10 due to a broken dependencies

You install Wine 1.6 first then install wine 1.7 though play on Linux

Open up a terminal and type in:

sudo apt-get install wine1.6

Install play on Linux

Download the latest version of play on Linux


Then install it.

sudo dpkg -i PlayOnLinux_4.2.9.deb 
Open play on linux


Click then configure then click on New to create a new Virtual Drive

When you have done that. Click on your virtual Drive that you just created

 Select the wine version you want installed then click on the > to install the wine version.

When the wine version is installed it should show up like this.

To run applications using wine 1.7 click on configure and then click on a virtual Drive
Change wine version from system to 1.7

How to integrate play on linux and IDM in firefox

first install flashgot addon in firefox then got to addons manager and click on preference then click on add type Idman

Executable path was

command used on “Command line arguments template” was
–run IDMan %f /d [URL]

click ok.


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