How to intergate xtreme download manager with flahgot

I’m using Ubuntu 14.4 and xtreme download manager . I know there is browser integration add on for it. but I want to integrate it with flashgot add on . I find xdm in flashgot options but it’s useless no download starts only the main window pops up ! 
install flashgot then go to

 Firefox > Tools > Flashgot > More options
   1. General tap > Press Add button > XDM2 as name
   2.Executable path -for this go to the folder where you have saved XDM and select java inside the folder jre/bin
   3.Command line arguments template :-jar /usr/lib/xdman/xdm.jar [URL]

Now goto Extentions and edit flashgot preferences. Under General Tab In Download Manager select “XDM2” and under Download tap Select “Intercept all Downloads”. in next tab Flashgot Media select XDM2 and Click 

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