How to Labels to categorize your Blogger Posts

This article explains how to use Labels to categorise the Posts in your Blog, and how you can get around some of the limitations in Blogger’s categorising tools. 

Why categorise your Posts

Grouping your blog’s contents makes it easier for people who have reached your blog via Search to find other posts that they may be interested in – provided you add tools to your blog that let them navigate using labels.

It’s essential if you want to make it look like you have put your Posts into Pages.

And it helps you to find posts yourself.

Blogger’s tools for working with categories

The only tool that Blogger provides for categorising or grouping Posts is Labels.

In short, Labels are tags that you apply to posts.

Each post can have as many Labels as you want (there is an upper limit of 5000 labels-per-blog, but most people don’t get near it).

And you can use labels for different purposes.  For example, a post titled “Photographing Long-haired Black Cats” could have three different labels

  • Cats – the the animal it’s about
  • Photography – for the functional category
  • Jane Smith – for the author
  • The Labels gadget lets readers choose which groups of posts to see:  when a visitor clicks an item on the labels gadget, they are shown a list of posts that have the selected label applied to them.

    You can add the Labels gadget as many times as you like, selecting which specific label values to show each time.   In the example above, you might add it three times, once for ainmals (showing Cats, Dogs and Rabbits), once for function (showing feeding, grooming and photography), and once for author (showing Jane Smith and Joe Bloggs).

    There are three steps that you need to follow to make effective use of Labels in Blogger.

How to add Labels to your blog

Login to your Blogspot dashboard.
then click on edit your post or add and there you will find labels
then click on done
Once all your posts are labeled, here’s how to make the menu bar.
1. Login to your Blogspot dashboard.
2. Go to layout.
click on add a widget
then click on Labels and click save and come back and now click on pages then in title put the label and click on + add external link there in page title put the label once again and in url put like this http://www.[your blog name].com/search/label/[your label]

and click on save link

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