How to run free internet in LAN connection or HAck LAn for fastest speeds

For hacking LAN you  need to know what is 1.IP address 2.gateway 3.Subnet mask 4.DNS address

ip adress is like home address in network it is like this example

there are two types of ip address 1.static 2.dynamic

static never changes it is constant it is your external ip address or public ip you can find it just typing ip address in google and search this will show your ip address

gateway-gateway is the door to the internet

if you have ip like then the gateway will be (in your ip just change the last number after dot to 1 and that will be gateway)

NETMASK -. it means that if you have ip address then you can change any last three dots values(45.32.27) to any one like 12.78.154 here 255 means it limits the ip from 1 to 255

if you are in LAN connection you can got to control panel network setting there you can find your  ip address gateway subnet mask and DNS

if you have ip like 172.xx.xx.xx you can change the last xx digit from 2 to 254 and run free internet
to check the ip range which are online now you can download angry ip scanner and advanced ip scanner and  then check and apply any one that has speed and can run free internet.

Another method

am going to tell you for two types of internet

1.static ip
2.Dynamic DHCP

static ip is the ip address that never change that is staic

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