Icons showing square box on wordpress site

Enable Font Awesome 4 support in Elementor

Log into your WordPress website.1Go to your dashboard2Elementor > Settings > Advanced3Check Load Font Awesome 4 Support (at the very bottom) and save changes.

If icons are not appearing in your website there might be some problem related to fonts, CORS or CDN



Browse the website select the square icons and you can see the image below

simply go to admin panel of wordpress >add plugins >

Better Font Awesome

add this plugin 
 go to setting
check remove existing font awesome

Validate Cross Origin Resource Sharing ( CORS ), If Applicable

Your icon font files could be loaded from a URL that has a different domain name structure than your website URL. This will result in Cross Origin Resource Sharing and browsers such as Firefox and Chrome will block your icon font files and prevent them from loading into your browser. This will result in your social icons showing up as squares.
There is two way to determine whether this is cause by CORS.
  1. View your website in Safari browser, you will be able to see your Social icons showing up properly. Your Social icons will only show up as squares in Firefox browser and Chrome browser.
  2. Look into the Console of developer tools such as Firebug for Firefox. You will see an error message Reason: CORS header ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ missing.
How to fix this?
  1. Login to your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Go to Settings -> General
  3. Find the settings -> WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL)
  4. Make sure both settings has identical values. For example :-
    • In your Site Address (URL), you have entered http://www.example.com
    • Make sure in WordPress Address (URL) input, you have entered http://www.example.com
    • A difference such as http and https or www will cause CORS issue.

Content Delivery Network, If Applicable

If you are using a Content Delivery Network ( CDN ) to load your font files and your social icons are showing up as squares, you will need to contact your CDN provider and ask them for the codes to add in your .htaccess to enable Cross Origin Resource Sharing. This is an example from MaxCDN.
You will need to contact your web hosting company for assistance, if you do not know what is a .htaccess file or how to alter it properly seek an expert as an error can take down your entire site.
Again, if I did not impress upon you the importance of backing up in the beginning then I will close with this:
Backup before troubleshooting your social media icons please.

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