Important and essential software for windows with download link for latest version Regularly update the list of softwares

ALL these softwares are for windows it might be avialable for linux too you can check out my linux software post for linux softwares.



1.FIREFOX   (download firefox)

FIREFOX IS MY FIRST CHOICE FOR BROWSING INTERNET AS IT IS HIGHLY customizable means you can change everything in the browser. (download chrome)

-32-bit (x86):

64-bit (x64):

chrome has vast number of extensions that makes it easy for every day browsing it is made from chromium an open source web browser here is the link chromium.

3.vivaldi(download vivaldi)
this browser is made by some of the opera old programmers as it new opera is not good as the older versoin like ver.12 the vivaldi and opera both are based on chromium but vivaldi has all the features that was in ver.12 give vivaldi a try it is really improving.

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