Install Packages offline in ubuntu

Get Your Packages offline
 synaptic package manager
It provides a graphical interface for gathering updates, packages, and dependencies for offline computers. it is free and open source.

I found this important because many of my friends say that downloading packages is a big problem as they do not have access to internet.
Although there are many ways to get your packages offline, like:

1. Take Synaptic package manager, Mark all the packages you need (the dependencies will be automatically marked)

2. Go to File -> Save Markings. Save it (script)to an external medium like USB flash drive.

3. Take the pendrive to system where u have internet connection and Linux installed(hard drive/virtual)

4. Run the script as


This will do it and store the packages in USB drive. Install it by using the command

sudo dpkg -i -force-depends *.deb

alternatively you can open the script and download files using IDM.

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