Linux: Recovering deleted /etc/shadow password file

Linux: Recovering deleted /etc/shadow password file

Linux: Recovering deleted /etc/shadow password file

Sometime by accident you may delete /etc/shadow file. If you boot into single user mode, system will ask root password for maintenance, and just imagine you do not have a backup of /etc/shadow file. How do you fix such problem in a production environment where time is critical factor? I will explain how to recover deleted /etc/shadow file in five easy steps. It will take around 10 min. to fix the problem.
Well all it started when one of our client accidentally deleted /etc/shadow file from co-located Debian Linux server. As a result, all account login disabled. However, ftp was working fine because proftpd was build using MySQL database for authentication and quota management.


1) Reboot server

2) Next, you will see grub-boot loader screen. Select Recovery mode the version of the kernel that you wish to boot and type e for edit. Select the line that starts with kernel and type e to edit the line.

3) Go to the end of the line and type init=/bin/bash as a separate one word (press the spacebar and then type init=/bin/bash). Press enter key to exit edit mode.


4) Back at the GRUB screen, type b to boot into single user mode. This causes the system to boot the kernel and run /bin/bash instead of its standard init. This will allow us gain root privileges (w/o password) and a root shell.

# mount -rw -o remount /

Do not forget to (re)mount your rest of all your partitions in read/write (rw) mode such as /usr /var etc (if any)

Rebuild /etc/shadow file from /etc/passwd

1) You need to use pwconv command; it creates /etc/shadow from /etc/passwd and an optionally existing shadow.

# pwconv

2) Use passwd command to change root user password:

# passwd

3) Now root account are ready to go in multi-user mode. Reboot the system in full multiuser mode:

# sync
# reboot

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