mail bouncing_failed

17776 Pls. Check that the mails are bouncing in ​

As I have checked, IP is blacklisted in some spam filters. So, I have sent the delist request.
It will take some time to delist the same.
We will update you on this once the IP will delist.
1st method got to atlas and then utilities and enter the IP and check whether it is blacklisted
2nd method
Login to the by ping through SSH
And then go to cd /var/log
Exim log
Mail log
Grep ‘’2019-03-11’’
Mail id after time
<= mail in => mail out
Spam free will land in inbox
Doubt email will lend to spam
And blacklist will not able to sent mail.
We need the credentials of root user as we need to send test mail to verify SPF, DKIM, DMARC.

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