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Microsoft Azure is a global network of Microsoft data centers. Azure is an open, flexible Public Cloud Infrastructure platform that gives enterprise-grade scale and power. Currently, almost 70% of Fortune 500 companies are using Microsoft Azure for Cloud based application workloads.

The Microsoft Azure platform aims to assist businesses manage challenges and meet their organizational goals. It offers tools that support all industries — including e-commerce, finance and a spread of Fortune 500 companies — and is compatible with open source technologies. This provides users with the pliability to use their preferred tools and technologies. additionally, Azure offers 4 different styles of cloud computing: infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), software as a service (SaaS) and serverless.

Microsoft charges for Azure on a pay-as-you-go basis, meaning subscribers receive a bill every month that only charges them for the particular resources they need used.

What is Microsoft Azure used for?

Because Microsoft Azure consists of various service offerings, its use cases are extremely diverse. Running virtual machines or containers within the cloud is one amongst the foremost popular uses for Microsoft Azure. These compute resources can host infrastructure components, like name system (DNS) servers; Windows Server services — like Internet Information Services (IIS); or third-party applications. Microsoft also supports the utilization of third-party operating systems, like Linux.

Microsoft Azure is additionally commonly used as a platform for hosting databases within the cloud. Microsoft offers serverless relational databases like Azure SQL and non-relational databases like NoSQL.

In addition, the platform is often used for backup and disaster recovery. Many organizations use Azure storage as archive so as to fulfill their long-term data retention requirements.

5 Reasons You Should Host Your Website in Microsoft Azure

In my time I’ve crossed paths with many different web hosting services and they all have a lot to offer – sometimes so much it’s hard to know what you actually need. So I’m going to break down my five reasons you should think about Azure hosting for your website.

1. Automatic scaling

Every business out there, whichever sector you’re in, will have busy periods and slower one and these could come on a day after day or seasonally throughout the year. However, if you’re reading this and thinking you never have a quiet time then I take my hat off to you. You deserve a cuppa and a sit down because whatever you’re doing you’re doing it right.

If you are doing experience those peaks and troughs on your website, Azure can help. It can automatically scale your server supported this fluctuation, so surges in traffic won’t be a controversy, thus avoiding your website crumbling all around you. Microsoft Azure also offers per-minute billing so on the flip side in those quiet times, you’re not paying for all the world you don’t need.


2. Development deployment

There’s nothing worse than having a superb idea for a replacement design or functionality on your website and not having the ability to check it before it’s live. this could stop you rolling out the change altogether or having to check it after it’s already been unleash on the general public, (meaning you may find yourself missing leads or leaving users with a negative experience of your website and successively, your business).

Azure swiftly pushes this problem to 1 side with staging deployment. this permits you to deploy your shiny new creation into a country for testing and proofing. Then, when you’re happy that all’s well, you’ll push that to production. Magic! you’ll do all the testing and innovation you wish and therefore the user doesn’t encounter bugs or bad UI.

3. Backing up your website

Backups are frequently talked about in just about all business areas but plenty less so when it involves websites. But why? in a very lot of cases, a company’s website is its hub for lead generation, supplies information to customers, takes orders through e-commerce and lots of more. So what would happen if that was gone?

The common misconception is that your website would only fail if it’s been tampered with externally. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. More often than not, a change is created internally that may bring a web site down. Azure permits you to backup and replicates your website manually or automatically to any of their geographic locations so, if within the unlikely event you would like to revert to a previous version, you’ll restore thereto.

4. Your favorite CMS is just a click away

A huge percentage of internet sites now run on a content management system, which makes complete sense. For a web site to achieve success it’s to be continually evolving, both in content and style, and a CMS is your friend for this.

As useful as these are, if you’re not ‘in the know’ these systems can sometimes be hard to put in and acquire functioning properly. Azure has you covered here.

Systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and my very own personal favourite Modx, are dead the Azure marketplace, ready and looking forward to you to put in and gleefully start twiddling with.

5. Lightning fast

We live in a fast-paced world. most are searching for the ‘best of everything’ as quickly as possible. Let’s say a possible customer is viewing your website on the train, they’re minutes faraway from their stop and your website won’t load. That my friends, may be a customer lost. Your website speed also has implications when it involves your SEO efforts so this is often a district that ought to not be overlooked. With a large content delivery network, Azure has the resources to scale back load times, save bandwidth and increase responsiveness. So for a world company, all of your users will get the identical experience wherever they’re joining you from.

Azure Hosting with CloudhostWeb

Our experience with Microsoft Dynamics is not only what Cloudhostweb brings to Azure. We also add our capabilities and services in deploying, optimizing, maintaining and monitoring Dynamics Clouds on Azure.

Yes, we’re good, but the question is; if Microsoft says Azure hosting is so easy, why would you use Cloudhostweb to run Dynamics ERP on Azure for you? You can read the Dynamics on Azure just read on!

what you and your customer get with our fixed per user per month price:

  • A financially backed SLA of 99.9% at the Dynamics application level. That’s better than Microsoft’s Azure SLA, which only covers the infrastructure, not the application.
  • 24/7 global phone and customer portal support, including Azure and Microsoft Premier Support.
  • Annually audited ISAE 3402 and SSAE 16 Type II security certifications.
  • Microsoft System Center + SCOM for advanced monitoring and management.
  • Provisioning and user management services.

All this, all-in-one.

Windows Azure ERP cloud.
Making your customer happy.
That’s what we do – so let’s talk about Cloud ERP on Azure today!

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