Optimize wordpress website for speed

Website load time should be in between ​ 0 to 1 sec (very good)​ in between ​ 1 to 2
sec(good)​ if that’s ​ above 3 (Poor).
First, check your website with gtmetrix.com to get details like Fully page load time, total
page size, and request (request is the number of connection a web page required to
load that means it connects to the server )
  1. Now analyze the performance score and Yslow score and record them.
  2. Now optimize the page as you will have several recommendations in both Pagespeed
    and Yslow tab try to analyze and do the needful changes.
  3. Again analyze the web page after doing the required changes.
    Steps that could be done to reduce the page load time even further.
  4. Serving optimized images(​ Image optimiztion​ ).
  5. Serve scaled images.
  6. Minify js and CSS(​ fast velocity plugin wp​ ).
  7. Make fewer HTTP requests.
  8. Implementing caching(​ wp-super-cache​ ).
  9. Use CDN(content delivery Network)(​ cloudfare wp​ ).
  10. Update plugins,Themes ,WordPress(if using).
    8.Optimize Databases(​ wp-optimize​ ).
    For a WordPress site or Magento(​ In Magento plugins are called as extensions​ ) ​ , we
    could try to disable the installed plugins one by one and check the web page load time
    and then if by disabling any extension we could see a drastic decrease in page load time
    we should disable the extension
  11. Install plugin Hummingbird pro and optimize the web page and check the performance

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