RAM for DELL Inspiron 3542

I have a Dell Inspiron 3542 with i3-4005U @ 1.70GHz ,2GB of RAM, 500GB hard disk with Integrated Intel graphics.

The memory specs for the system are listed below. Is this new ram you are installing? Please provide more information so that we can help resolve the issue.
Memory module connector This system has only one memory slot.
Memory module capacities 2 GB, 4 GB and 8 GB
Memory type 1600 MHz DDR3L
Minimum memory 2 GB
Maximum memory 8 GB

Yes, though there is only one memory socket – so you must replace the 4GB with an 8GB.  You MUST use DDR3L memory (DDR3 1.5V will not work).
search in google

Hynix Low Voltage Ram 1.35 Volt DDR3 8 GB (Dual Channel) Laptop, Mac SDRAM (HMT41GS6BFR8A-PB)  (Blue)

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