TO surf free internet using any open port in any vpn just add lport (openport) Advanced Guide

open vpn Is World Best  VPN client To Access All Blocked Websites And Get Best Security And Speed
All Most Information About Hotspot Shield VPN Config 
And How To Use For Best Way
Config Location
C:Program Files (x86)HxVPN-HSSconfig

-UDP VPN Not Work With Http And Https Proxy
-You Can Remove ‘lport xx’ Line From Config Network Find Auto Open Port
[Indian Network lport Is 1194]
-After Remove ‘lport xx’ You Need To Change ‘bind’ Line To ‘nobind’ 
You Can Change lport XX To Your Open Port [Like 53 ,52 ,443]
-If You Have Any Network Open Port So Need To Change Only ‘lport XX’ [Like 53 ,52 ,443] 
-Do Not Change Remote Ip Port Because Now remote Port Is Fix by Hotspot Shield
-You Can Use Your Name And Information In Config With ‘#‘ And ‘echo‘ To Start
Q- What Is Open Port ?
Ans- Open Port Is A Server Way And Some Open Port To Access Free Net.
It’s A Hotspot Shield VPN Config Edit After Notepad
dev tun
route-method exe
route-delay 2
lport 52    –You Can Change lport XX To Your Open Port [Like 53 ,52 80 ,8080 ,443 ,9200 ,9201]
mssfix 1400
verb 1
auth-user-pass hss-480-win_3.13_sip
reneg-sec 0
inactive 1200 50000
remote 5231  –It remote Ip You Change It As Same VPN Ips And 5231,5245 5396 Is Ip Port
hand-window 120
auth-retry nointeract
mute 5
script-security 2
management localhost 7234

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