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If you have any trouble with the Zimlets, or if you just upgraded and want to install and activate all the non-core Zimlets that you had before, follow this Wiki steps.
  • Get the installed zimlets list, (can refer old server’s zimlets)
zmzimletctl listZimlets
You need to copy the names from “Installed Zimlet files on this host” Tab Now save the list in the following file using vi editor, (here i copied all zimlets )
vi /tmp/zimletslist
Once you are done with saving, run the following command lines,
for i  in `cat /tmp/zimletslist` ; do  zmzimletctl undeploy $i ; done
zmprov fc all
cd /opt/zimbra/zimlets-network
for i in `ls ` ; do zmzimletctl deploy $i ; done
cd /opt/zimbra/zimlets
for i in `ls ` ; do zmzimletctl deploy $i ; done
zmprov fc all
zmmailboxdctl restart

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