zimbra commands

To check the mail in the queue


To flush mails from queue

postfix flush

To check zimbra versions

zmcontrol -v

configuration file location for zimbra 8.5 /opt/zimbra/postfix/conf

for 8.8 cd /opt/zimbra/common/conf

main.cf and master.cf are config files

Zimbra Max account set

One can set Maximum accounts for a domain with below command.

zmprov md <domain.com> zimbraDomainMaxAccounts NUMBER

I can view it with below commands.

zmprov gd <domain.com> | grep zimbraDomainMaxAccounts

Account creation date zimbra

Run this command as zimbra user :
command : zmaccts 
will show you all details about accounts
Simpler would be to :

su zimbra

zmprov gdl [email protected]

If you forget the list names:

zmprov gadl (or zmprov gadl domain.com)

or search from frontend you will get distribution list

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